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Our Philosophy

"We recognize that the food we eat plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy body, healthy thoughts and healthy lifestyle."

Joshua Rosenthal, IIN Magazine, Fall 2005


We are all individuals with distinct needs and unique biology. Therefore, we believe there is no one diet that is best for everyone. In order to achieve optimal health, it is vital for each person to discover what food is right for them.


We believe in the absolute intelligence of the body and its incredible ability to self-heal when given the correct support. Holistic Health Counseling is the best method we have found to support the body�s natural healing process.


We apply a holistic approach using the principles of integrative nutrition, but we believe nutrition covers more than simply diet. The sources of "primary nourishment" are relationships, physical activity, career, and spirituality. The food we ingest is "secondary nourishment." Each individual�s life is explored as a whole to determine how all sources of nourishment can be balanced to create a happy and healthy life.


January 19th, 2011

"Leave your potions in the chemist's crucible if you can heal your patient with food."

-- Hippocrates


Disclaimer: No information, product or article is intended in any way explicit, implicit, by implication or inference to be a substitute or replacement for medical care. Holistic Health Counselors are not doctors. They work with clients to create optimal health and wellness through simple dietary and lifestyle changes. cannot guarantee the performance of any holistic health counselor in our directory, however we are dedicated to maintaining the most accurate and up-to-date information.